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How to change Zalo avatar, change avatar on Zalo

How to change Zalo avatar, change avatar on Zalo

Zalo is growing to become a powerful social network like downloading Facebook. In Zalo now also allows you to change your avatar, helping you to change the way you show your personality as well as help your friends recognize you right on Zalo. If you do not know what Zalo is or how to register, readers can refer to how Register Zalo ours. If you are a Zalo user, you can follow these steps to change your avatar.

How to change Zalo avatar image, change Zalo avatar image

How to change Zalo avatar image, change Zalo avatar image

Step 1: Login Zalo account yours, at the app’s home screen in bottom rightyou click a few anthropomorphic icon (Figure 1). Next, click on “View Profile” (Figure 2).

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change your life zalo

Step 2: You click on the avatar (Figure 3). Options will appear, you can choose one of them:– See profile picture: Click to see your current profile picture.– Take a new photo: You click to take and change the avatar.– Select photo from device: Replace the profile picture taken from the photo album on your phone device. – Choose an available avatar: Replace the photo taken from the photos that you used to be your avatar on Zalo. For example, you choose to get photos from the device, then you click “Select photo from device” (Figure 4).

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change your life zalo

Step 3: Your photo gallery opens, you find and click on the photo that you want to replace (Figure 5). Next, page Update profile picture appeared with a new photo, you Click on the photo to adjust the frame (Figure 6).

change your avatar zalo

Step 4: Once done, click on “Accomplished” (Figure 7). At this point, Zalo will return to your personal page with the new avatar you just updated (Figure 8)

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instead of me, zalo

So we have finished changing the avatar on Zalo for you. In addition to the above feature, readers can refer to how change Zalo chat window wallpaper help readers get more excited in the conversation, change the new way of looking at it.

In addition, you can use Zalo on your computer, register Zalo on your computer with supported software Register Zalo on your computer not much different on mobile so there should be no problem in this regard. And of course, after registering, log in to Zalo and use Zalo. In the process of using, if you have forgotten your password, please write an article on how to do it recover Zalo password to know and follow the instructions.

In addition to the free Zalo chat application that is talking about above, readers can also use Viber, or even Facebook Messenger. If you do not know, Viber is a free chat and messaging application for mobile and Facebook Messenger is already too famous when this is the application where every day we often log in to Facebook Messenger, check messages from friends. .

Not only changing on social networks, you also want to change your avatar on the Zoom meeting and online learning application. Regardless of which application’s avatar image is changed, it is very simple, especially when you read the instructions.

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