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Apple’s Tim Cook hosts October 4 iPhone 5 launch

By Jonny Evans

Get set for your next upgrade, because the iPhone 5 (range?) is set to reveal itself next month on October 4, All Things Digital claims today, at last ending months of speculation. iOS 5, iCloud, and iTunes Match should appear very soon in preparation for the new devices.

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[ABOVE: Tim Cook gives us the Verizon iPhone earlier this year.]

Lovin’ Apple Tuesday

The date makes sense because it is one of those time-honored “Apple Tuesdays“. Previous claims have speculated all sorts of dates citing all sorts of sources, but this one seems pretty definitive, coming as it does from Kara, John, Walt and the WSJ.The idea of the launch will be to introduce the device at a public event hosted by new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, likely with assistance from other key Apple executives, who are all no doubt taking public speaking and mentoring hints ‘n’ tips from new Apple Chairman, Steve Jobs. Like Iggy Pop, Cook is known to be a quiet man off stage, so must be feeling the pressure as he faces his biggest public event yet as Apple CEO. Of course, Cook is also known as someone who meets his challenges, so let’s not pre-judge the cabaret before we get to see it.

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October 4 intro, ships mid-late October

Following the event and as previously predicted the iPhone(s) will hit channel a few weeks later, with previous claims suggesting an October 15 launch in the US with some international markets getting access before the end of the month. Caveat emptor, of course: Apple could still change its mind, or, as AllThingsD explains:

While Apple could certainly change its plans anytime, sources said that the October 4 date has been selected by the company to showcase the iPhone 5. Sources added that the plan is now to make the new device available for purchase within a few weeks after the announcement.

In a previous edition of the “iPhone is shipping soon” chronicles it was noted that carriers across the planet have begun testing the device on their networks, with some letting slip news they will begin offering this new superphone next month.

Software is everything

The iPhone isn’t everything. It’s the software that makes it special. Look forward to iOS 5 and iCloud, too, and this seems set to go live in the coming weeks, with developer’s iCloud accounts set to be reset in the next few days. We’re currently expecting Golden master status to be achieved on or around September 23.I’m not anticipating Apple will rush this release though, and suggest some essential elements of the cloud computing package won’t be made available until the “Cook-Note” on October 4.Don’t neglect the event will likely also see some updating of Apple’s iPod product range. Beyond suggestions of a white iPod touch and 3G support for the same device, there’s been remarkably little speculation when it comes to Apple’s new iPod range.

New iPods too

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I’ll hazard a few guesses: iPod classic won’t be upgraded but will be maintained; iPod shuffle will see new colors and storage capacities; iPod nano will gain a new processor and better iOS support for widget style apps, 3G access? and the iPod touch will gain a new processor, better display and more. Will we see an iPhone nano? I don’t know, but given the level of secrecy and speculation surrounding this event, anything is potentially possible, but the reality will doubtless not match the hype.

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Ah, the hype: It isn’t just hype – as mentioned before, RBC survey data shows 31 per cent very/somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5, significantly exceeding pre-launch iPhone 4 demand (25 per cent).

Despite this demand, T-Mobile is off the approved carrier list in the USA, which likely will include AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Apple will also use the new device to kick its way into the burgeoning market in China, with new deals with China Mobile. Apple is alleged to be targeting 22 million iPhone sales within the last quarter of 2011. What will the iPhone 5 be capable of? Read the speculation round-up here.

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